5 Things You Should Tell Limo Hire Service Provider

When you run your fingers on the keyboard to search for the best limo hire service provider in your area, be it for a birthday, wedding, school prom, a business trip, hen party or any other event, you have a list of questions that are necessary to ask. You are the customer, you are paying money. So, you do not hire unless you get satisfactory answers to your questions. You ask whatever you need to know. However, you can get the true value for your money only when the service provider knows your exact requirements. Here is the information the limo hire agency need to tell you the right price and services.

The Event

To hire limo in Croydon, the service provider needs to know the purpose for which you are planning to hire the limo. Services are tailored according to the event such as a wedding, business meeting, bachelor party, prom, airport transfer, concert, point-to-point transfer, night out, casino trip, tour and more. This helps the service provider in the planning of the trip. The agency can offer some additional packages such as red carpet for the bride, scavenger hunts for a bachelor party.


The Date

The service provider needs to know the event’s date and the span of time for which you are going to hire a limo. It is important to tell the date as the agency has to check the availability. Moreover, the service is quoted on the availability. The drive time, the time to reach the destination and the date is considered in the cost estimation. If you need a 26 passenger limo and it is not available, then you can hire a 28 passenger limo. However, you have to pay more.

The Number of Passengers 

The selection of the vehicle depends on the number of passengers. If there are 20 passengers, you need a spacious vehicle. There are two things to consider when it comes to the number of passengers. The first is the number of passengers legally allowed and the second one is the number of passengers that can comfortably fit in the vehicle.


The service provider needs to know if you need bottled water, ice, bubbly or glassware. If you need a DVD, iPod or any other gadget, it should be known to the service provider. The cost of the ride also depends on the amenities and facilities available in the vehicle.

Age of Passengers

There are some rules and regulations. For passengers having age less than 21, some service providers do not allow alcohol on board.


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